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Does AppleCare Cover Water Damage?

No, the AppleCare Protection Plan doesn’t cover water damage!

Many Apple users purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan thinking it will safeguard their devices from water damage as well as all other related issues.

Unfortunately, you will have to pay from your pocket to repair the water-damaged device. The AppleCare Protection Plan won’t be useful if you want to save on the repair or replacement charges.

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The Touch ID Failed error has now started haunting many new iPhone users.

The feature works great on these mobile phones for some time, and then suddenly stops functioning without any notification.

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Google Not Working On iPhone [Fix]

Over the years, Google has become our primary tool to search information on the Internet. Its minimalistic user interface and intelligently curated results have completely transformed the virtual world experience.

And in today’s era, it’s still doing a great job on advanced gadgets like iPhones and iPads. In fact, you’ll rarely receive an error on Google’s pages.

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Being a nature lover, I always feel there should be a tool to identify and recognize unknown species of plants around the world.

Thankfully, Apple’s App Store has some great apps that can solve this problem of many enthusiasts, professionals and scientists. You can just install one of those apps and identify the plants on your iPhones.

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Water damage is one of the most common problems in the mobile world today, though the companies are still trying their best to come up with great solutions with each new device.

Apple’s iPhones are also not safe enough to prevent significant damage from water and excess moisture. And even if the new iPhone 7 models are somewhat water-resistant in nature, you wouldn’t want to take any risks with your premium phone.

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When you start using AirDrop for the first time, it looks like a great feature to share your files on Mac and iOS devices. Apple has also done an exceptional job in allowing users to transfer their data wirelessly.

Earlier, we used to have external Hard Drives and USBs to do this job, but things have changed in recent years. Now, we don’t have to carry those big disks everywhere.

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Recently, many iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s users have started noticing No Service error after updating their devices to iOS 10 and later software updates.

With this error, your phone basically turns into an iPod Touch. That’s right! You can’t make or receive any calls on such iPhones. And that’s not the only problem with No Service error!
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How To Change Siri’s Search Engine

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant on iOS and Mac devices, has been developed to support Microsoft’s Bing for search queries.

When you feed certain ‘search’ related questions to Siri, you get to see curated replies using intelligent data processing in the iOS system. It sends search requests to default search engine i.e. Bing to find appropriate results for user’s queries.

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