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Water damage is one of the most common problems in the mobile world today, though the companies are still trying their best to come up with great solutions with each new device.

Apple’s iPhones are also not safe enough to prevent significant damage from water and excess moisture. And even if the new iPhone 7 models are somewhat water-resistant in nature, you wouldn’t want to take any risks with your premium phone.

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Where Do AirDrop Files Go? [Answered]

When you start using AirDrop for the first time, it looks like a great feature to share your files on Mac and iOS devices. Apple has also done an exceptional job in allowing users to transfer their data wirelessly.

Earlier, we used to have external Hard Drives and USBs to do this job, but things have changed in recent years. Now, we don’t have to carry those big disks everywhere.

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Recently, many iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s users have started noticing No Service error after updating their devices to iOS 10 and later software updates.

With this error, your phone basically turns into an iPod Touch. That’s right! You can’t make or receive any calls on such iPhones. And that’s not the only problem with No Service error!
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How To Change Siri’s Search Engine

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant on iOS and Mac devices, has been developed to support Microsoft’s Bing for search queries.

When you feed certain ‘search’ related questions to Siri, you get to see curated replies using intelligent data processing in the iOS system. It sends search requests to default search engine i.e. Bing to find appropriate results for user’s queries.

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How To Make Siri Say Things You Want

As we all know, Siri is an amazing virtual assistant on iOS and Mac devices. It is built to assist users whenever they’re looking for more information on particular topics.

When you ask something to Siri, she replies with an instant answer every time. This means that most of those reply messages are predesigned by Apple team, and you only get to see or hear them when certain input data points are triggered in the background.

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Siri App Suggestions is an interesting feature on iPhone devices, which lets you access most used apps without having to search for them each time.

In Spotlight Search screen, you can view up to 8 suggested apps. Siri, the virtual assistant, makes use of behavioral data on user’s device to display these suggestions on iPhone and other iOS devices.

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When Apple announced Siri, an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator, for its flagship devices, it did receive a great response from early users.

However, the technology is still not advanced and convenient enough to perform lots of important tasks at ease. Hence, many users think it’s good to delete Siri Suggestions from iOS devices.

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How To Change News Feed On iPhone

With Apple’s News app, you can stay connected with the world of Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Business, and more. It’s one of the most useful apps on iOS devices, as it keeps you updated all the time without having to open and close different apps for news.

There is a problem, though! Apple always feeds all news stories according to its smart systems and intelligent data processing engines.

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