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How To Make Siri Say Things You Want

As we all know, Siri is an amazing virtual assistant on iOS and Mac devices. It is built to assist users whenever they’re looking for more information on particular topics.

When you ask something to Siri, she replies with an instant answer every time. This means that most of those reply messages are predesigned by Apple team, and you only get to see or hear them when certain input data points are triggered in the background.

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Siri App Suggestions is an interesting feature on iPhone devices, which lets you access most used apps without having to search for them each time.

In Spotlight Search screen, you can view up to 8 suggested apps. Siri, the virtual assistant, makes use of behavioral data on user’s device to display these suggestions on iPhone and other iOS devices.

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When Apple announced Siri, an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator, for its flagship devices, it did receive a great response from early users.

However, the technology is still not advanced and convenient enough to perform lots of important tasks at ease. Hence, many users think it’s good to delete Siri Suggestions from iOS devices.

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How To Change News Feed On iPhone

With Apple’s News app, you can stay connected with the world of Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Business, and more. It’s one of the most useful apps on iOS devices, as it keeps you updated all the time without having to open and close different apps for news.

There is a problem, though! Apple always feeds all news stories according to its smart systems and intelligent data processing engines.

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Safari browser is one of the most used browsers on iPhones and other Apple devices. It works great on small screen portable devices, but sometimes it remains frozen on iPhones due to various reasons.

There are many reasons why the browser stops functioning properly on certain gadgets. Well, you will need to understand these causes in order to avoid unexpected crashing and freezing behavior in future.

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Apple’s iOS and Mac operating systems are known to surprise new users with different popups and error messages. Most of the times these errors are quite common in nature, and you can fix them without much technical knowledge.

The Apple ID server connection error is an excellent example of such errors. It is a widely known issue on Apple devices, but you can solve it using following tips and methods. For those who don’t know, the problem generally arises when you try to access iCloud or its related services from your device.

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iPhone Home Button Click Sound [Fix]

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of software related issues on Apple’s iPhone devices. Many of these issues need a quick software update or a similar trick to get things back on track.

But hey, what if you come across something like the iPhone home button click sound problem? What will you do in such unexpected situation? This is obviously not a software related bug or glitch that can be solved within a short period of time.

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iPhone Update Error 1671 [Fix]

The iPhone update error 1671 is a common communication issue, which appears when you try to sync and update the device through iTunes.

When iTunes tries to contact Apple servers for iOS update information, the connection between your computer and servers may interrupt due to some reasons. This communication breakdown automatically leads to no update, and you get to see the unknown 1671 error message on your screen.

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