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Fix AirDrop Receiving Off Error On iPhone And Mac

When you talk about file transfer between two devices, the AirDrop feature has to be one of the coolest technology implementations in the iOS and macOS system.

And more importantly, you don’t get to see these things too often in the tech world.

The only bad thing about this feature, though, is the ‘AirDrop Receiving Off‘ message. You may not face this problem on all iPhones or Macs, but many users have come across this error on their devices.

When the AirDrop Receiving Off message pops-up, many new users get confused to see something like this on their screens.

It means you can’t send any files to another device. There might be no stable connection between two devices, as the AirDrop may find it difficult to communicate with another iPhone or Mac. Or, you might have changed some settings on your device.

So, if you want to fix this error on your device, you will need to go deep and try to resolve the technical problem.

Let’s take a look at the some of the workarounds and tricks that should help in fixing the AirDrop Receiving Off error.

1. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Both these connectivity features are useful in initiating the AirDrop file transfer process.

So, you will need to start with this step of checking the connections on sender and receiver devices. Make sure you have enabled Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi on your devices.

Once these features are activated, you can initiate the file transfer process using AirDrop. In many cases, this simple trick has helped solve the problem.

If it doesn’t work, try to disable and enable these connectivity features again.

2. iPhone’s Touchscreen

The touchscreen on your iPhone is equally essential to the AirDrop feature.

If the screen is damaged or has some dust on it, you might not be able to use AirDrop at all. This feature requires you to touch the screen to activate the receiver’s detection mode.

Also, don’t try to activate AirDrop if your fingers are oily or sticky. It won’t recognize your command.

As far as the screen is concerned, you can wipe off any dust and debris using a dry muslin cloth. Do not use water or any other detergent liquid to clean the touchscreen of your device. It can cause a short circuit if the water content reaches internal ICs.

3. Restart your iPhone or Mac

Simple trick!

Restart your devices and see whether you can turn on the AirDrop feature.

The restart trick works quite well because it can help in removing any temporary connection error or software glitch.

4. AirDrop Receiving Options

Yes, the AirDrop feature also gives you a couple of contacts-based options to transfer your files.

With these options, you can only transfer files to known people or everyone in the connectivity range.

So, if you have enabled one of these options on your iPhone, it might affect the way you send files to other devices. To confirm this, let’s check the options settings –

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap General and go to AirDrop.
  3. In this menu, you should get three different options – Receiving Off, Contacts Only, and Everyone.

You may check the screenshot below.

AirDrop Receiving Off

As you can see, these settings options decide whether you can receive files from other AirDrop enabled devices.

Now, if you want to receive AirDrop files, you can either choose the Contacts Only or Everyone option. And depending on your preference, the AirDrop feature should allow you to get such files on your device.

For those who are concerned with the security of their device, you can select the ‘Receiving Off’ option. It should prevent intruders from sending malicious files to your device.

Similarly, you will have to check the settings of other iPhone or Mac while sending files from your device.

So, that’s how you can deal with this AirDrop Receiving Off problem. You don’t have to look anywhere else to resolve it.

What to do if these suggestions don’t fix this problem?

It’s possible to see similar behavior even after performing the above tips and tricks on your iPhone or Mac.

But don’t worry!

You can try a few more methods to turn on the AirDrop receiving option.

First thing, check your iOS version and download the new software update from Apple. The new software might help in getting rid of any unknown glitch in the system.

Apart from this tip, you can also try resetting network settings on your device.

Note – Do remember your network settings before resetting them. You can also back up the device to iTunes or iCloud.

Here’s how to do it –

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to General and scroll down to select Reset.
  3. Tap Reset Network Settings.
  4. Enter your passcode and let the system reset all your network settings.

This trick should help remove network related errors from your device.

And in case these two suggestions don’t work, you should get an appointment with Apple Store. Take your device there and let them have a look at it.

There is no point in experimenting more on your device if the above suggestions and tricks don’t resolve this problem. Let the professionals examine your AirDrop issue, which is always the best thing to do in such situations.

If the device is under warranty, users can also get a new iPhone as a replacement in some cases. That’s what Apple’s policy says, and I’ve experienced this service first hand when I had faced an issue with my newly bought iPhone.

And if you’re thinking about the third party service centers, you can visit them. They might help you out if the device is not under warranty.

So, that’s pretty much about this issue. This one is not a big issue on iPhone, and I’m sure you’d be able to solve it using one of the tips suggested in this post.

If you still have any more questions or suggestions, leave your thoughts in the comments section below. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more such tips and tricks.

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