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How To Change Siri’s Search Engine

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant on iOS and Mac devices, has been developed to support Microsoft’s Bing for search queries.

When you feed certain ‘search’ related questions to Siri, you get to see curated replies using intelligent data processing in the iOS system. It sends search requests to default search engine i.e. Bing to find appropriate results for user’s queries.

Once the search process is completed, you will see a quick reply message from Siri. This message will have useful information gathered from Bing’s results.

So, that’s how Siri makes use of Bing to come up with all those instant and intelligent answers on your device.

In general, many users prefer Google as their default search engine while browsing through desktop or mobile browser. Over the years, Google has also improved its search engine with some interesting new changes and features.

Therefore, people find it more reliable to use Google search in their gadgets.

On the other hand, Microsoft has partnered with Apple to provide its search engine support for Siri-based queries. This means you can only see search results from Bing platform while trying to find answers on Siri.

That’s right! You have no other option to select a different search engine, though you can change the search engine settings for Safari browser.

So, how do you change Siri’s search engine on your Apple devices?

Unfortunately, there is no direct method or trick that can help you switch over to other search engines. Apple team has not provided any such feature to make changes as per users’ choice.

But hey, you can still ask Siri to provide search results from Google’s search engine. This workaround technique does help in avoiding default Bing results on iOS and Mac devices.

Here’s a simple guide to get results from Google on Siri –

1. Open Siri on your iPhone.

You may use Hey Siri command to activate it in no time.

2. Use the following command to request Siri to search your query on Google.

Google Why Does It Rain?

Note – You can try different search queries if you want. However, please don’t forget to say the keyword ‘Google’ before asking your query.

3. Wait for Siri to Google your query and present the appropriate results in Safari browser window.

Done! This is what you need to do on your device. Simply replicate these steps and change Siri’s search engine results to Google results.

As you can see, it would’ve been great to have a feature or settings option to change Siri’s search engine. It would’ve certainly helped many users to pick and choose search provider services as per their wish instead of default Bing search engine.

Let’s hope that Apple team allows users to do so in future updates.

Do you know any other solution to get different search results on Siri? Share it with us in the comments section below.

Using Google Search on Browser

Even though Siri can present similar results on your screen, it’s still not as efficient as you want. The browsers do much better job than Siri when it comes to finding appropriate answers in quick time.

So, if you really want to find thorough information on search engines like Google, you should consider using any browser app available on your device. It’ll give you a good platform to go through several results pages while accumulating all the information from different web pages.

For simple information, you can think of trying out Siri on your iPhone. Its Bing search queries can certainly find some quick answers like nearby restaurants, shops, schools, etc. It’ll always do a great job in answering such queries for you.

On Mac systems, it’s always best to use the browser instead of Siri or any other tool to search information on the Internet. The new-age desktop browsers are super powerful in order to handle multiple queries and pages at a time. You will rarely experience performance related issues on browsers like Google Chrome for Mac.

Anyway, do choose your tools wisely on these platforms. Apple has a great system on iOS and Mac devices, but you should know how and when to utilize their features. It’ll save you a lot of time, which can be used for other important tasks in your life.

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