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How To Deactivate Messenger On iPhone

Looking to deactivate Messenger on iPhone?

In recent years, Facebook has been in the news for various privacy-related issues, and it has led to mass profile deactivations on this social media platform.

On the other hand, it seems the platform is inching closer to its saturation point. You won’t find many features that can keep you engaged in different activities anymore.

Talking about the Messenger app, it’s no more different from any other chat apps on the Internet. You can use almost all its features on the competitor apps like iMessage and WhatsApp.

Therefore, it doesn’t make much sense to use this service.

Now, if you have decided to deactivate the Messenger app from your iPhone, you can go through the following guide.

Requirements –

Tips To Deactivate Messenger On iPhone

Just like Facebook’s privacy terms, the deactivation process of Messenger is quite complicated. There is no single button or option on the app to deactivate your Messenger account.

You will have to follow some workarounds and tedious procedures to get this thing done for your account.

Here are a couple of ways through which you can deactivate the service on your device –

1. Delete Messenger App

The easy step!

This simple step will allow you to get rid of Messenger app from your device, and you will not have to deal with those unwanted message notifications again.

Note – Deleting the Messenger app won’t deactivate or delete your FB account. It will just uninstall the app from the device.

Steps to follow

  1. Open the Home screen on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the Messenger app and gently press the icon for a few seconds.
  3. Tap the close icon (x) to remove the app from the device.

Even though this step may look a bit extreme to some users, it’s the best thing to do. By performing this method, you won’t lose anything. Your Facebook account, Messenger, and Messages will remain available on their website.

There is one more favorable reason for you to think about deleting the Messenger app.

If you delete it from your Home screen, you can always download it back whenever you want. Your chat data and history will be available as soon as you reinstall the app.

So, there is no harm in deleting the Messenger app.

2. Deactivate Facebook Account and Messenger

If you are tired of using the Messenger service and may have plans to reinstall it in the future, you can think of performing this method.

It’s an official way to get rid of Messenger from your iPhone.

Don’t be surprised! That’s how Facebook works.

If you want to deactivate the Messenger, you can’t do it directly through the app. You will need to close the Facebook account in the first place to be able to reach the next stage of deactivating Messenger on iPhone.

Anyway, let’s look at the steps to perform both these tasks.

Deactivate Facebook Account –

  1. Open the Facebook website – https://www.facebook.com/
  2. Go to the Settings and edit Manage Account from the General Account Settings option.
  3. Click on the ‘Deactivate your account‘ link.

Deactivate Facebook
Note – If you wish to delete the Facebook account, you may choose the first option as displayed in the above screenshot.

Follow the next steps as requested on your screen.

Now, use the following guide to perform the remaining procedure.

Deactivate Messenger – 

  1. Open the Messenger app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap profile picture and go to the Privacy & Terms section.
  3. Tap Deactivate Messenger.

You will need to provide your password details so that it can finalize the deactivation process.

This two-stage method will help you bid goodbye to Facebook’s services once and for all.

Important: If you sign-in to your Facebook account after a few days or year, it will reactivate both services. When you perform the above methods, these services remain inactive until you don’t revisit them.

3. Deactivate Messenger Status

As you can see, it’s not easy to deactivate the Messenger account on iPhone. I hope the Facebook team comes up with a feature that allows users to do so in the future.

Until then, you will have to depend on some of the workarounds to fix this problem.

Since we’re now talking about the workarounds, you can also deactivate the messenger status of your profile. This way, you will have the ability to remain in the stealth mode, and your friends won’t be able to see whether you’re active on the chat window.

It’s a useful feature for those who receive hundreds of messages from their friends. If you have many active friends in your contacts list, you can enable this feature to avoid unnecessary interactions.

Take a look at the following steps to turn on this mode on your Messenger app –

  1. Open the Messenger app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap your profile picture and go to the Availability section.
  3. Turn it off.

This option lets you remain inactive on Messenger, and you can interact only with the people you want.

Disable Messenger Availability

Although this feature doesn’t deactivate Messenger, it will at least save your time. You will not have to deal with unwanted notifications and random messages anymore.

More importantly, you can still use the Messenger services.

In case you don’t have access to your iPhone and still want to enable this setting, you can do so with Messenger’s official website.

Steps to follow

  1. Go to this link – https://www.messenger.com/
  2. Click the Settings icon available on the top left corner.
  3. Go to the Settings and disable the online option.
  4. Close the window.

When you feel like reactivating the chat option, you can perform the same steps again.

Note – Facebook’s website also provides this facility to its users. You will need to turn off the chat section there.

So, that’s how you deactivate the Messenger app on your iPhone.

If you know any other method to complete this task, let me know in the comments section below.

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