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Does iPhone 5c Have Touch ID On It? [Answered]

With Touch ID – fingerprint identity sensor technology, Apple has definitely gone many steps ahead of its competitors in smartphone and tablet market.

This technology, however, is quite sophisticated in its own way. Therefore, Apple only provides Touch ID feature in a select range of devices that are good enough to handle it.

Due to this, many users who’re looking to buy iPhone 5c are wondering whether their dream phone supports fingerprint feature or not.

Does iPhone 5c have Touch ID on it?

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is not in your favor.

No, iPhone 5c doesn’t have Touch ID on it!

As you might have guessed it already, iPhone 5c is not built to support advanced level of technology such as fingerprint identity sensor. Its hardware limitations are probably the reason why you’ll never see Touch ID on this phone.

There were rumors that Apple might launch another iPhone 5c model to support some of the iPhone 5s’ features, but it never happened. And Apple has already launched new series of full feature phones with regular price tags.

Is it possible to get Touch ID on iPhone 5c?

Since Touch ID feature is not just about the iOS software, it’d be very difficult to get it on iPhone 5c. There may be some unknown shop guys that claim to incorporate it on such phones, but it’s definitely not worth the shot.

Your brand new iPhone might get damaged due to such activities. And in case you didn’t know, many users have already noticed Touch ID failure on their iPhones after replacing the screen from unreliable repair shops.

So, as you know, there is no official way to install Touch ID on unsupported iPhone 5c or older devices.

Also, if you manage to get it installed on your iPhone, it will void the Apple warranty. This means that Apple’s support team won’t approve your device for repair if it encounters any issues.

3 Reasons why you should go for Touch ID-enabled iPhone –

Well, it is one of the most appreciated features on new iPhones and iPads, so you must buy a new device that supports Touch ID.

1. Screen Unlock

With old iPhones, you have to click on the Home button to unlock the lock screen. This gets quite irritating when you want to use your device more frequently for work.

Fortunately, Apple has resolved this issue with Touch ID technology. Now, you just have to gently touch the Home button to unlock and open the home screen.

2. Apple Pay

Yes, it has become much easier to make payments using this technology. You can use Touch ID to pay the bills via Apple Pay service.

At this moment, Apple Pay is available on limited websites and stores, but it’s expected to reach more sellers in different countries soon.

3. iTunes Store

Similar to Apple Pay, the iTunes Store also confirms your payments using this new feature.

When you want to buy something from App Store, just tap on the Purchase button and touch the Home button on your iPhone. It will automatically grant permission to those paid apps to initiate the payment and download process.

It’s kind of cool, as you don’t have to type all your login and password details for each purchase.

How to enable Touch ID for App Store –

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone.
  2. Open ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ from the list.
  3. Enable the ‘iTunes & App Store’ option.

Done! Now, go to the App Store app and try to purchase something using this feature.

Here’s the list of devices that currently support Touch ID –

  • iPhone 5s and later
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini 3 and later

If you want to buy a new iPhone or iPad with fingerprint sensor feature, just select one from the above list. Please note that all these devices are much costlier than iPhone 5c.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t get disheartened by not being able to use Touch ID on iPhone 5C. Spend some extra bucks on iPhone 5s or later and get your hands on some of the best mobile phone features of this world.

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