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Error Connecting To The Apple ID Server [Fix]

Apple’s iOS and Mac operating systems are known to surprise new users with different popups and error messages. Most of the times these errors are quite common in nature, and you can fix them without much technical knowledge.

The Apple ID server connection error is an excellent example of such errors. It is a widely known issue on Apple devices, but you can solve it using following tips and methods. For those who don’t know, the problem generally arises when you try to access iCloud or its related services from your device.

Here’s what the error popup says –

There was an error connecting to the Apple ID server.

As the error message says, your device is having some problem in establishing the connection with Apple’s server.

To reconnect the device to Apple servers, you will need to figure out the problem with trial and error methods. If you face such problem next time, these methods will surely help in resolving the server error in quick time.

1. Internet Connection

You should first check the Internet connection before trying to find any resolution to this problem. If your Internet connection is down, there is no away Apple servers can verify your details. It’ll need an Internet connection to establish the server communication on your phone or computer.

Do take a look at your Wi-Fi and other network settings.

If you’re receiving the server ID error on Home or default connection, try to connect your device to a different network connection. Sometimes, network glitches can also prevent you from accessing unrecognized servers.

2. Security Softwares

Since some Mac users prefer to use security softwares like Antivirus Softwares, Malware Removers, and Firewall tools, it may also lead to the error on your device.

To avoid this issue, you should disable these softwares for some time. It will help in clearing the connection between your device and Apple ID server.

Generally, some security softwares like Kaspersky Antivirus block certain unsecured and unauthorized connections to keep your device and files safe from intruders.

So, there is no need to worry about it. Just disable it for a moment while trying to access the servers.

3. Sign out from Apple iTunes account

For this method, you will have to sign out from your iTunes/iCloud account. Here’s how to do it –

1. Open the Settings app on iPhone.

2. Go to iTunes & App Store and tap the Apple ID link.

3. Select Sign Out from the popup menu as shown below.

4. Once you’re signed out, sign back in using same account details.

Now, try to access your iCloud account or App Store account from iPhone. It should resolve the server issue instantly. You may also try this method on your Mac devices.

4. Date, Time & Language Settings

If you’ve changed the Date, Time or Language settings on iPhone or Mac, make sure you reset them again. It’s important to have proper settings on your devices, as Apple’s servers require such details to authenticate your profile for further tasks.

Once you switch back to appropriate settings, you can try to reconnect the device to their servers. Apple will verify your details again and allow you to perform the desired tasks.

Many times we change such details on our devices and forget to roll back to previous settings. Hence, it’s recommended to check all your settings when you come across this type of issue.

If you’re still struggling to get back to the previous settings, you can just perform the ‘Reset’ option on your iOS device. It will erase the data and present you a brand new device.

Note –  You should use the ‘Reset’ option carefully. It can delete all your important files from the device.

If nothing works, you will have to try out the last option i.e. contacting the Apple support team. They will certainly guide you in such situations.

Well, it’d be really great if Apple can come up with some other feature to authenticate personal details for Apple ID server. The Touch ID has its own issues, which needs more attention from Apple’s design team.

I hope they fix these problems soon in upcoming software updates for Mac as well as iOS devices. Until then, you can perform above trial and error methods to find the solution.

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  • Linda Buseman June 29, 2017, 2:24 am

    Worked for iPhone. How can I get it to work on my MacBook?

    • Harry June 30, 2017, 5:21 pm

      Hi Linda,

      I’m glad it helped in fixing the Apple ID server error on your iPhone. For MacBook, you will need to perform the above-mentioned methods accordingly.

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