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How To View Facebook Full Site On iPhone

Considering the growth in the adaptation of small screen devices, Facebook has always improved the website design for iPhone and other mobile phone users. Its full site design, however, is not directly accessible on mobile devices anymore.

And the reason is pretty simple! The desktop version breaks the user experience on comparatively small screen gadgets like iPhones.

It’s not easy to access many of its website features on the new touchscreen-enabled devices.

For eg., The new account creation form or login fields.

If you try to view the full Facebook site using your iPhone, you might find it difficult to enter the required sign-up or login data in such small text fields.

You will need to use zoom-in feature each time to enlarge these options as per your viewing abilities.

But what if I want to get the full site on iPhone? Is it still possible to check the Facebook’s desktop site design on new-age iPhones?

The answer is YES!

You can view the entire Facebook site from any of your iPhone’s browsers. So, let’s find out the trick to do it –

View Facebook Full Site On iPhone

In case you’re curious to know how this website looks on iPhone’s screen, here’s a screenshot for you –

Facebook Full Site on iPhone

This full site view is an optimized version for mobile devices, which means it’ll always shrink the page design as per the dimensions of your phone’s screen.

And as I mentioned earlier, if you want to access each feature on such site, you will have to use the Pinch-to-Zoom feature on your device.

Alright, let’s see how to access this site on two of the most used web browsers – Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Note – For quick full site access, I’d recommend you to go for the Safari method below.

Google Chrome Method:

You may use this simple trick on other browsers too. Here’s how to do it –

Steps to follow:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser.
  2. Type this link in the URL field – https://www.facebook.com/
  3. Enter your login details (or create a new account).

Done! Now, you can access the full site on your iPhone without having to download the app.

Let’s check the Safari method below.

Safari Method:

Apple has provided a unique feature to access the desktop version of the website in Safari. You can use this feature to visit the full Facebook website too.

Steps to follow:

1. Open the Safari browser app on your iPhone.

2. Type this link in the URL field – https://www.facebook.com/

3. Tap the Share button as shown below.

Share Button on iPhone

4. Swipe left to select the ‘Request Desktop Site’ option.

Request Desktop Site on Safari

Now, it’ll automatically switch to the desktop site on your iPhone’s screen. Enjoy!

5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Visiting Desktop Sites On iPhone

Even though it’s cool to visit such website for some work or testing purposes, you shouldn’t access them from mobile phones.

Want to know the reasons? Take a look at the following list of genuine reasons to avoid such sites on iPhones and other devices.

1. Not good for your vision

As the doctors recommend, we shouldn’t spend a lot of time in front of computer screens. It’s not at all beneficial for the overall health of our eyes.

And now that we’re using mobile phones regularly, it’s going to create more health issues for all of us in the future.

So, if you care about your health especially eyes, try to avoid viewing such websites on your mobile phone.

2. Not optimized for mobile phones

Many times the webmasters don’t optimize desktop websites for mobile users.

And when you visit this type of sites, you don’t get to use the same desktop features on your mobile device. You might be restricted to use few features only.

3. May require more time to load on small screen devices

The page loading time is another issue on such websites!

If the website is not well-optimized, you might experience some delay in loading the pages on your phone.

In technical terms, the servers don’t send the requested information quickly to user’s device. And this is the reason why you get to experience such delays and lags while visiting the websites.

4. May crash your browser app

Oh yes!

These websites can also crash your browser app on iPhone or any other mobile phone.

If the browser doesn’t receive any response to its queries, the page might display the ‘not found’ error on your screen. And sometimes, it even crashes down the entire browser app due to bugs and timeout errors.

So, it’s always better to avoid such websites.

5. May allow intruders to exploit unsecured pages

Biggest Threat!

That’s what can happen when you visit such pages. The intruders and hackers often use this type of techniques to get access to user’s devices. And once they get the access, it’s not so difficult to grab your personal information.

How does this trick work?

For those who don’t know –

The hackers create a page or multiple pages on the website, which contains harmful codes to find and exploit the loopholes. When a user visits this page on mobile devices, the page displays some mobile-only offers or activities.

If you accept/download such offers or click on the links, you automatically give access to save a corrupt file on your system. And that’s pretty much what they need to access your data.

Of course, there are many other techniques involved in these activities, but let’s not get into those details.

You should always keep your device safe from this type of web pages and websites. Don’t allow third-party systems to sneak into the file system.

So, these are the five reasons why you should stay away from visiting unsupported websites on mobile phones.

Regarding Facebook.com, it’s a well-known site in the world. The Facebook team does a great job in fixing the security loopholes regularly. Hence, you can still visit any of its versions on all supported mobile devices as well as desktop devices.

However, if you want a better user experience and new features, you should download and install their latest app from App Store.

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