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Fix iTunes Wi-Fi Sync Not Working Issue

Over the years, Apple team has improved iTunes features and included lots of new functionalities to make things easier for users.

Its Wi-Fi sync feature is also quite useful and efficient in syncing data between Apple devices, as you don’t have to connect cables each time to transfer your files.

Even though this is a great functionality for all users, many people are struggling with ‘iTunes Wi-Fi sync not working‘ issue. And just like different iTunes errors, it’s difficult to detect actual cause of the problem.

You will have to try several solutions to figure out something that actually works for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It might seem like a frustrating process, but there is no way out.

So, let’s take a look at the solutions below.

How to fix iTunes Wi-Fi Sync not working issue –

While starting to fix the error, please check your Wi-Fi connection. Your device should be connected to the same wireless network.

1. iTunes Sync with USB Cable Method

You gotta go back to the old iTunes syncing method for the verification.

  1. If you’ve your USB cable around, try to sync your device with it.
  2. Disconnect the device once you’re done with the process.
  3. Go back to ‘iTunes Wi-Fi Sync’ on your device and press the sync option.

So, if there is no particular software issue, it might start working again automatically.

These three steps will sort of help you zero in on the possible causes of sync issue, which you can then utilize to fix the error with following suggestions.

2. Reset the Wi-Fi Router and Restart all your devices

Basic steps!

Reset your Wi-Fi connection once or twice to remove any possibilities of network issues.

Once you’ve reset the connection, it’s time to restart your computer as well as iPhone or any other device. This second step will help in getting rid of most of the system errors/inconsistencies for your devices.

Now, go back to the Settings app and try to Sync again over Wi-Fi. If there were any network or system related issues, this basic solution of resetting and restarting the devices will help resolve them.

You may also go one step further and reset your iPhone through phone’s settings i.e. perform a soft reset. Please backup your files and data before performing this reset trick on the device.

3. Download and Install new updates on your devices 

This should be your second step if the first step didn’t work at all.

Download the latest software updates for Mac/Windows, iTunes and iOS devices and update all your systems with new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

For iTunes update, you just have to open the App Store and find the available update under ‘Updates’ menu. Here’s how these updates look like –

Download them immediately and restart the system as recommended.

Similarly, you can download iOS updates from the Settings app. Please check the steps below to get your update from Apple servers –

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ app.
  2. Go to the ‘General’ option and select ‘Software Updates’.
  3. Wait for few moments so that your device checks for any new available update.
  4. Finally, click on the ‘Download and Install Update’ option.

That’s it!

When you’re done with downloading and installing these software updates, try to sync again with iTunes. All these updates should to do the trick and give you quick access to transfer data with the help of Wi-Fi sync feature.

4. Firewall and Security Softwares

You might find this issue more on Windows systems than Mac OS.

Many antivirus softwares and Microsoft’s own firewall system are known to block any suspicious and unauthorized access to Windows files. So, when you try to sync your iOS device to iTunes (Windows version), some of those security features will probably not accept the connection and display the access denied error.

Hence, I’d suggest you check the firewall settings and disable/unblock them for a moment. It will help you examine and confirm the culprit in this issue.

For those who’re not well versed with such computer settings, contact their support teams. They will certainly guide you to get through this iTunes sync issue.

5. Setting up iTunes for Wi-Fi sync

Back to square one!

Some of your settings may have changed after resetting the devices in Step 2. You just have to get them back with iTunes Wi-Fi sync settings.

So, let’s begin with the setup process –

1. Open iTunes on your computer.

2. Get the USB cable and connect your device to the computer.

3. Find the iOS device and opt for ‘Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi’ option.

4. Apply the settings and remove your device from the computer.

5. Open the ‘Settings’ app and go to ‘General’ option.

6. Scroll down and select ‘iTunes Wi-Fi Sync’ option.

Good job! Now, your iTunes and Apple device is ready to sync the data for you.

6. Hardware Issues

In most cases, it’s going to be a software error that can be fixed with above suggestions, but you can’t rule out the possibility of an unknown hardware issue on your device or computer.

To confirm this, open the browser and load Apple’s official website as well as some other websites. If they don’t open at all, you may have to look for other network related solutions or take your device to the nearest Apple Store.

They will replicate the issue on your iPhone or iPad and resolve it for you.

Anyway, these are some of the best solutions for iTunes Wi-Fi sync issue. If you know any different solution, do share it in the comments section below. It might help other folks as well.

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