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How To Change From Text Message To iMessage On iPhone

iMessage is one of the most used instant messaging services in the world, which allows you to perform a range of activities on Apple devices.

With this app, you can share pictures, photos, videos and much more with your friends and family, and that too with no additional cost.

iMessage is also a great alternative to Text Messages that are not so pocket-friendly these days. And it doesn’t even make sense to use them anymore in the internet era.

So, how to change from Text Message to iMessage?

Currently, you don’t have to do anything special to get iMessage on iPhone. It comes bundled with all other apps that are developed by Apple.

Simply go to the Messages app and start sending messages to your contacts.

Note – iMessage is a dedicated instant messenger for Apple devices, which means you can’t use it while contacting to Android or other OS based phones.

There are some third-party apps that let you connect with iMessage app from unsupported devices, but use them at your own risk. You never know how their developers will use your private information for malpractices.

Talking about Text Message to iMessage transfer, you may also encounter following situations at times.

For eg.,

If you go out of station where mobile data or Wi-Fi is not available, your device will change to text message mode and you won’t be able to communicate with other person using iMessage service.

This generally happens due to unavailability or inconsistent access to mobile data on iPhone. And there is no other way through which you can make it work for yourself and your friend/relatives. You gotta get your internet connection back!

Once you’re back home, iMessage should start working properly again and you can start sending iMessages instead of text messages.

If you’re still struggling to change from text message to iMessage on iPhone, please go through these solutions –

Solution 1 – Restart iPhone & Enable Mobile Data

  1. Restart your iPhone.
  2. Go to the Settings app.
  3. Enable the Mobile Data option.
  4. Open the Messages app and try sending iMessage to your friend.

When you restart your iPhone, it automatically refreshes the system with personalized information. So, if you’ve used iMessage previously, it should work properly after restarting the phone.

Solution 2 – AirPlane Mode Trick

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Enable the AirPlane mode.
  3. Send an iMessage to your friend. (It won’t be delivered due to no network access.)
  4. Disable the AirPlane mode.
  5. Send another iMessage to your friend.

This solution will help resolve any network connectivity issue that refrains you from enjoying iMessage service.

Both these solutions are good enough to enable the iMessage operation on the phone. In case it doesn’t work, you should check out the solutions suggested below.

Solution 3 – iMessage Activation from Scratch

Setup the iMessage again and disable Text Messages from Settings.

This is what you need to follow, which you might have done during the initial setup. Please follow the steps –

1. Open the Settings app and select ‘Messages’ from the available options. (You’ll have to scroll down a bit for this step!)

2. Then, make ‘iMessage’ option enabled if you haven’t already. It’ll remind you about activation charges from the carrier. Press Ok and move ahead.

It should take a few seconds to activate iMessage on your device.

iMessage Activated

3. Disable the ‘Send as SMS’ option as shown below.

This last step is pretty much optional for all iPhone users, as you might want to send important messages as texts when there is no internet connection around.

Solution 4 – iMessage on Receiver’s Mobile Phone

The aforementioned setup steps will help in changing from simple text message to iMessage.

But hey, there is a possibility that you may still struggle to send messages through iMessage app. And it’s not your fault this time!

You’ll have to call your friend and ask him/her to fix the issue by following the setup steps mentioned in Solution 3.

Yup! You may not have this issue on your iPhone, but it could be receiver’s device that is not configured to accept iMessages from you.

Alright now, that’s how you change from SMS to iMessage on iPhone. There isn’t much to do as far as setup is concerned.

And if nothing works, you can still download WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to be in touch with all your friends. That’s another solution for you!

Drop a comment below for any help or suggestion regarding this topic.

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