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How To Fix iPhone 5s Front Camera Not Working Issue

Apple has provided a decent 1.2 MP FaceTime HD camera in iPhone 5s that allows users to take beautiful photos and 720p HD videos.

However, many users have reported issues related to its FaceTime camera on several online platforms. In some cases, iPhone 5s’ front camera doesn’t work at all, which means you can’t even click a single photo or shoot video with it.

If you’re facing similar issues on your iPhone 5s camera, take a look at the possible reasons and fixes below –

Battery Replacement

It’s time to replace your old battery!

Old batteries can act weird at times and damage/malfunction some of the important functionalities. Since iPhone 5s is a compact hardware device, its battery may give you headaches as it exceeds maximum charging cycles.

Hence, it’s better to get your battery replaced via official Apple Stores. Apple also recycles old batteries in an environment-friendly way, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Solution – Head over to your nearest Apple Store and request them to replace your iPhone’s battery.

Front Camera Not Working After Battery Replacement

Even after replacing old batteries, some iPhone 5s devices have shown same results. In these cases, you may try out following solutions –

Solution 1

1. Backup all your data on iCloud and restore the device in iTunes using factory settings.

2. Update iOS to the latest version.

3. Switch On the phone and follow the settings on your screen if any.

4. Open the Camera App and try clicking photos from front camera view.

This restoration of iOS platform will fix the software glitches and help you catch new photos and videos from FaceTime camera.

Note: Please make sure that your new battery is not heating up quickly after the replacement. If it does show such signs, you gotta go back to the store.

Solution 2 –

As suggested above, you should always fix hardware issues through Apple outlets. They will neatly examine your iPhone 5s camera and other related issues.

If the problem is genuine and your iPhone is under warranty, you will probably get a brand new device from them. Yup, that’s how they work!

Don’t try to fix your iPhone on your own or from unrecognized repair shops. It’ll do more harm to the device and will also void the warranty by Apple.

Screen Replacement

iPhone screen replacement could be another major reason behind your front camera not working properly.

Front Camera Not Working After Screen Replacement

While trying to replace old screen with a new screen, you should take at most care and perform the tasks with soft hands.

There is no point in hurrying such major hardware installations on expensive gadgets like iPhone or iPad. Many unskilled repair guys do these mistakes and make you pay the extra cost for their errors.

iPhone is a delicate electronic gadget. Its IC connectors can easily blow up with static charge if the repair guy doesn’t take precautions. So, think before sending your device to such unofficial shops.


Since this is a hardware issue, I’d recommend you to get it checked by Apple folks at their recognized stores.


IC and power related issues can escalate further and damage other important parts inside your device. Therefore, don’t wait for too long. Take your device to the Apple Store as soon as possible.

Water Damage

Spilled some water or coffee on your iPhone 5s?

Front Camera Not Working After Water Damage

Well, sorry to hear about it, but these issues can be fixed with good old rice technique.

Here’s what you need to do to save your iPhone –

1. You shouldn’t Switch On your device immediately after taking out of water. If you’ve mistakenly turned the phone on, switch it off and follow the rest of process.

2. Gently wipe out excess water using a soft cloth.

3. Get a rice grain sack (2-3 kg) and immerse the device in it for a week at least.

4. After a week or so, take out the phone and see if it feels moist anywhere.

5. If not, press the power button and turn it on.

This simple trick will help soak water from your phone.

In case the phone doesn’t want to turn on or the camera app functions inappropriately, you must take it to the Apple Store. That’s your final option!


Don’t try to perform soft/hard reset in water damage case. It’ll only make things difficult for you.

Even a bit of moisture content left behind can blow up circuits on the logic board, which costs as much as a new device. Apart from that, this moisture can also start corrosion on metal parts in a couple of weeks.

Also, please don’t use air blowers to dry out the phone. The hot air from such blower will only cause more problems to internal pieces and may cause fire due to short circuit.

Software, Camera Restriction & Memory Glitches

It’s not always about hardware issues!

Sometimes, Apple’s newly released iOS updates can add trouble to your device. Although there is no direct connection to iOS update and camera issues, you should wait for the next update.

There is one more thing you can try i.e. Camera Restriction mode. Follow these steps –

  1. Go to the Settings app and select General option.
  2. Then, open the Restrictions menu.
  3. Enable these restrictions and turn the camera off.
  4. Disable the Restrictions again.
  5. Check the camera app.

This little trick seems to be working for quite a few users. Try it out now!

Regarding memory problem, it can freeze the camera app without prior notice.

To solve this issue, all you need to do is delete unwanted apps from the iPhone and restart again.

Third Party Apps

Believe or not, but this is certainly one of the reasons behind many iOS issues.

Apple’s iOS platform is built to offer great experience with its App Store apps and official functionalities. When you include third party apps developed by unknown developers, Apple’s servers can’t detect their signatures and throw errors before and/or after installing latest software update.

Most of these apps work only on current version and don’t support Apple’s new updates. If you download and install these updates from Apple, your iPhone will start showing inconsistencies in several other apps as well.

Anyway, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to stick to the third party world.

Coming back to the topic, camera is an integral part of iPhone devices. Any damage to its connections, cables or ICs will need a replacement in the form of same pieces or whole camera (rear or front; depends on the issue).

These hardware issues can’t be fixed with software tweaks and tricks. So, try some of the aforementioned suggestions and let me know in the comments section below.

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