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How To Improve iPhone 5s’ Battery Life Hours

Apple iPhone 5s is one of the best mobile phones in the world today. With amazing features and utilities, it certainly stands way up in the rankings.

However, when it comes to iPhone 5s’ battery life hours, I wouldn’t rate it as high as many other efficient phones available in the market. Its battery drains a lot faster than you’d expect at times.

There are issues with the design of this iDevice too, which apparently leads to more battery consumption. Now, you can’t fix the hardware level issues, but there are some tweaks that can help you improve the battery performance of your phone.

So, let’s see how to improve iPhone 5s battery life hours –

Airplane Mode

It is probably the best solution to this issue. If you want to have long battery hours on your iPhone, just put it on the Airplane Mode whenever possible.

Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode will disconnect your device from all the connectivity features including Carrier Signal, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.

Since all these features will be disabled, your phone will consume less power to run other system tasks.

It may not seem like a reliable fix to the issue, but you must try it out while playing games and videos. Both these activities are resource intensive tasks for such small devices. Therefore, it’s prudent to disable/stop unimportant or less significant apps and features.

iOS Update

Apple releases new software updates on regular basis. So, don’t forget to download the latest iOS version on your iPhone.

iOS Software Update

Apple team always try to come up with the battery improvement and optimization fixes in such iOS updates.

Background Apps

When you click the Home button after using any app, it doesn’t close the app altogether. It runs continuously in the background.

For those who don’t know, these background processes also require power to run throughout the life. If you don’t close them, you will have less battery backup at the end of the day.

Background Apps

Here’s how to remove background apps from iPhone:

  1. Double-tap on the Home button/double touch on the Assistant Touch.
  2. Select any background app and swipe up to remove it completely.
  3. Follow the same process for remaining apps.

For more improved battery performance, you should disable the Background App Refresh option from Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh.

Background App Refresh

Ringtone Only Mode

Apple’s iPhone devices come with three different phone alert modes i.e. Ringtone mode, Vibration mode and Ringtone & Vibration mode.

Vibrate on Ring

If it’s possible, please deselect the Vibration option as displayed below. It will help you save a lot of battery power, which goes into the vibration of the device.

Flash Usage

Try to click photos in natural light, as they look way better than the ones you click with artificial flash light. Many ace photographers recommend this simple technique to catch better pictures with the camera.


Use your flashlight feature only when there is no choice for you to take photos without such light source.

Videos & Games

As mentioned above, Videos and Games are the most resource intensive functions on mobile phones. Even though smartphone makers are trying their best to make super advanced phones, we’re still far away from power-efficient devices.

If you watch videos or play games for 1-2 hours continuously, you will drain a good amount of battery during this period. And the device will also heat up quickly.

Therefore, don’t perform these heavy tasks on your phone for a long duration.

Location Based Services

Although the location-based apps are quite useful in getting more accurate data, they also consume more power to process the information frequently.

So, once you’re done using them, make sure to close right away. This way, you won’t have to worry about the unnecessary wastage of battery power.

Bluetooth, Hotspot, Mobile Data & Wi-Fi

Similar to Location Based Services, you should keep unwanted connectivity services closed.

iOS Connections

All these services are meant to offer useful functionalities to different connections. However, iPhone 5s’ battery is not much optimized for heavy usage. You will struggle a lot with battery hours if you’re going to use these services for a long duration.

Screen Brightness

If your battery is low i.e. around 20-30%, you can reduce the screen brightness level and acquire some extra minutes to get your work done.


This trick comes in handy when you don’t have power bank or any other battery backup option.

Still Background Wallpaper

Apple offers Still and Dynamic background wallpapers in iPhone 5s.


Well, the dynamic wallpapers are quite excellent for user experience, but not much for your iPhone’s battery. These new wallpapers drain a considerable amount of battery if you’re an active phone user.

Go for Still Background Wallpapers, and you’ll do just fine with your iPhone 5s!

Alright, these are some of the most useful battery hours improvement tips for iPhone 5s users. Do try them out and let me know in the comments section below.

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