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What Does IP65 Waterproof Rating Mean?

IP rating is one of those things that we often don’t consider while buying a new iPhone or other electronic gadgets. We go to the stores and get back home without checking the essential IP rating of the products.

IP65 waterproof rating is one such parameter that helps in determining different aspects of the product.

In today’s post, let’s try to uncover the secret behind the IP65 rating, which also applies to many tools and gadgets that you use in daily life.

iPhone X IP Rating

(Image Courtesy – Apple)

What does IP Waterproof Rating mean?

In layman’s language, the IP rating is nothing but a standardized parameter set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

IP stands for International Protection or Ingress Protection, and it covers different types of Electrical, Electronics, and other technological products.

This rating helps you find two distinct features of the product –

  • Dust Protection 
  • Liquid Protection

Both these features are quite important while selecting several tools and gadgets that may come in contact with dust or liquid/water. Once you see the IP rating on the product label, you don’t have to worry about these protection levels.

The IP waterproof rating will give you an exact idea of what level of protection your device has got from the manufacturer.

IP Rating Chart

Since we’re talking about the specific IP65 waterproof rating in this post, here’s a useful chart that might help you understand this rating system.

IP RatingsDust ProtectionLiquid/Water Protection
IP60YesNo protection
IP61YesWater drops/condensation protection (falling from vertical angle)
IP62YesProtected against water drops falling at 15 degree angle
IP63YesProtected against water drops falling at 60 degree angle
IP64YesProtected against water drops falling from all directions
IP65YesProtected against water jets falling from all directions (12.5 LPM)
IP66YesProtected against water jets falling from all directions (100 LPM)
IP67YesProtected against a 30-minute submersion in water (Depth - 1 meter)
IP68YesProtected against a 30-minute submersion in water (Depth - 3 meter)
IP69KYesProtected against high pressure water jets from all directions

Now, use this rating to crosscheck the rating claimed by the manufacturer.

How to check IP Rating of Different Products?

There are many ways through which you can check the IP rating for your smartphone or any other gadget for that matter.

Here are some of the best ways to verify the IP rating of your product –

Product Packaging –

When you purchase a product from the vendor, do check the IP waterproof rating details on the packaging. You might find them somewhere on the packaging itself.

The manufacturing companies always provide such details on the packaging labels so that users can go through this information without having to open the contents inside the box.

Product Label –

If the product doesn’t come with a box or packaging, you can check the IP waterproof details on its label.

Manufacturer’s website –

There is another way through which you can acquire this information about the product.

Many manufacturing companies list the product details on their official websites. You can visit these websites to find out more about the product as well as IP Waterproof ratings.

Significance of IP65 Waterproof Rating for Smartphones/Gadgets Users

As you can see in the above chart, the IP65 rating has a lot of importance in electronic gadgets’ world.

If your device has a better rating as compared to IP65, you wouldn’t have to deal with many problems if your phone or tablet comes in contact with water or other liquids.

However, if the IP rating of your electronic gadget is lower than IP65, you might need to take more precautions while using it near water.

Talking about the IP65 waterproof rating, it stands for –

IP – Ingress Protection

6 – Dust Protection

5 – Protected against water jets from all angles for 3 minutes at 12.5 LPM at 30kPa at a distance of 3 meters.

So, as you can see, if the product has received the IP65 rating as per IEC standards, it can provide decent protection from dust as well as water.

But wait!

That’s not the entire story of IP65.

If your smartphone has received the IP65 waterproof rating, it means you won’t be able to use it underwater. Also, if the device falls into the water unknowingly, it won’t survive for a long time.

The water will start entering into the internal parts of your phone, which means your device is going to get water-damaged sooner than later.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be using your phones near water bodies where the chances of your expensive gadget dropping into the water are quite high.

Does IP rating affect Apple’s iPhones?

Yes, the IP rating also applies to Apple’s iPhone devices as well as other offerings such as iPads, iPods, and Apple Watches.

In recent times, though, Apple has managed to improve their iPhones (after iPhone 7 series) to get the IP67 waterproof rating from the IEC authorities.

You can read more about the IP67 ratings here – IP67 Waterproof Meaning

How does IP rating play a role in making the product buying decisions?

It depends on a lot of factors!

But yes, the IP rating can make or break your gadgets experience as you use them for daily tasks.

Let’s understand this topic with an example –

When you purchase an iPhone from Apple Store, you know that the phone is going to be an IP67 rated device. With this type of rating, you can put a tick against the checklist point of getting a water-resistant iPhone.

Since all new iPhones come with this rating, you can make a quick buying decision if you’re into watersports or similar water-related activities. This rating ensures that you will not have to worry about minor water damage.

Note – iPhones are not waterproof, so you shouldn’t submerge your phone in the water for more than 30 minutes. In some cases, the device might also start showing water-damage effects before the stipulated time.

Tip – If your iPhone falls into the water, you should follow this guide to get the water out of it.

So, that’s how these ratings can help you select a perfect device as per your need.

If you find it difficult to find out the ratings, you can ask the vendor about it. I’m sure he/she will help you find this useful rating information before purchasing the product.


Even though the IP ratings are not well-known to end users, it is our responsibility to try and find out more about the product.

There are smartphone dealers who use the marketing terms like waterproof and water-friendly to convert the potential customers into buyers. If you fall for such marketing tactics, you might come across many issues later on.

Over to you

What are your thoughts on the IP ratings? Do you check these ratings before purchasing such products?

Do let me know in the comments section below.

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