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How To Turn Off iPhone Not Backed Up Message

iPhone backups are equally important as any other backups in the world of gadgets.

You need to protect your data to keep it safe from viruses and other such elements, and there is no better way than backing up your iPhone to iCloud.

With iCloud, things have become a lot easier as far as iPhone backups are concerned. Now, you don’t have to perform this task manually.

But wait, there is a problem though!

Apple doesn’t let you backup all your documents and data files if you hit the free storage limit of 5GB per user.

That’s right! Once you hit the limit, you will see the following type of message on your iPhone screen.

iPhone Not Backed Up

This iPhone hasn’t been backed up in (x) weeks.


iPhone Backup Failed

You do not have enough space in iCloud to back up this iPhone.

And this iPhone not backed up message won’t go away unless you remove it permanently.

So, in today’s post, we’ll try and learn the methods through which you can get rid of this annoying message from your device.

Turn Off iPhone Not Backed Up Message

As mentioned above, there are a couple of techniques that can be used to tackle this issue.

1. The Back Up Now option

When you receive this type of reminder message, it means you should back up your iPhone soon.

It’s possible that you have enough storage space on your iCloud account, but iPhone may have skipped the backup process due to some glitch or bug in the software.

To confirm this issue, you can manually select the Back Up Now option on your iPhone.

Steps to follow –

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select the Apple ID option and go to iCloud.
  3. Scroll down and select the iCloud Back option.
  4. Tap the ‘Back Up Now’ option as shown below.
  5. Wait for iPhone to start the backup process.

iCloud Back Up Now

This backup process will let you know whether you’ve enough iCloud storage space. And if it works, the reminders won’t appear again on your screen.

2. Delete your old files on iPhone

The Delete-Your-Files method is probably the most suitable technique for many iPhone users.

If you want to keep enjoying the free storage plan, you will have to make some space for new data.

And how do you do that?

Well, you can remove some of your old photos and videos from the Photos app, as they often take a lot of space on iPhone’s hard drive.

I have also shared a detailed guide on how to clear iCloud storage on iPhone. You may follow the same guide to free up some space on iCloud Drive.

When you successfully manage to clear some old files, the iCloud service will start backing up the data files again. And you will not see the same message on your screen until the free space quota gets filled in future.

But what if you don’t want to remove your old files?

Then, all you need to do is back up these files on external hard disk or Mac. This step requires some advanced level of technical knowledge. You can find several how-to guides on the Internet to change the iPhone backup location.

With the external backup solution, you will have more than enough space to back up the device.

The only thing that you might have to do is performing manual backups. Yes, you will have to connect your iPhone to Mac or Windows computer to back up the data once in a week or month.

Once you establish this option, you can safely disable the iCloud backup option on iPhone. This setting will also turn off those annoying reminder messages.

Here’s how to disable iCloud backup on iPhone –

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap the Apple ID section.
  3. Tap iCloud.
  4. Select the iCloud Backup option and turn it off as displayed below.

Turn Off iCloud Backup


Now, you’ll not receive any such reminders on your iPhone.

3. Get more storage space from Apple

iCloud is a premium data storage service for iOS and macOS users, which means you will have to pay for the extra space as per their standard plans.

Since Apple provides this service in different countries, you will have to check the price rates as per your location.

You can find more details here – iCloud storage plans and pricing

So, select any monthly plan from there as per your choice and upgrade the iCloud storage.

Once you do that, the iOS system will eventually stop sending the iPhone not backed up messages.

And that’s pretty much how you can solve this issue. If you’re a professional and don’t want to delete some files from your iPhone, I think you should go for the monthly iCloud plans.

It won’t cost you a lot if you use iPhone for any professional work.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions. This section might help you in solving some other related issues.


Is it possible to upgrade the iCloud storage from iPhone?

Yes, indeed.

Apple has provided a feature for all iOS users to upgrade the iCloud storage from their devices.

Use the following steps to select your monthly iCloud plan –

  1. Open the Settings app on iPhone.
  2. Go to the Apple ID section and select iCloud.
  3. Tap the ‘Manage Store’ option and select ‘Change Storage Plan’ as shown in the following screenshot.
  4. Choose your monthly plan and tap the Buy option to make the payment.

iCloud Change Storage Plan

There you go! It’s quite easy to get your favorite iCloud plan on iPhone.

Similarly, you can follow the same steps on other iOS devices as needed.

Is there any other way to turn off the iPhone not backed up messages?

Unfortunately, no!

You will have to use the same techniques as mentioned above in this post.

You may use the manual iTunes sync method, but you will probably receive these messages if you’ve hit the free storage limit.

Is it mandatory to back up iPhone using iCloud?

Not really.

As suggested in this post, you can use the iTunes method to save iPhone’s documents and data.

The iCloud method just makes this process automated, which means you don’t have to maintain the schedule of backing up your device. Everything gets done automatically.

And therefore, it makes sense to disable the iCloud service on iPhone if you’re not too bothered by other options.

Can I cancel my premium iCloud subscription whenever I want?

Yes, you can!

Apple does allow its users to cancel the iCloud subscription at any time. You won’t have any compulsion to use their services for a full month or year.

You can read more information about the terms and conditions on their official website. Their online tech support will also answer all your queries if you need any other specific details.

And if you have more queries regarding this iPhone issue, you can just drop a comment below.

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