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iPhone Update Error 1671 [Fix]

The iPhone update error 1671 is a common communication issue, which appears when you try to sync and update the device through iTunes.

When iTunes tries to contact Apple servers for iOS update information, the connection between your computer and servers may interrupt due to some reasons. This communication breakdown automatically leads to no update, and you get to see the unknown 1671 error message on your screen.

Apart from iPhone, you may also find this error on other Apple devices i.e. iPod Touch and iPad. Both these gadgets can be updated from iTunes, so don’t get surprised if it pops up on your computer out of nowhere.

Regarding the 1671 error, it’s important to note that this is just a software bug and there is no need to worry about your iPhone, iTunes software, and Mac. It can be solved with a couple of steps mentioned below.

How to fix iPhone Update Error 1671

Since it’s difficult to know exactly how and why this error appears on some devices, you’ll have to use trial and error method. Here’s a list of tasks that you should perform to fix this issue completely –

1. Internet connection

That’s right! It’s better to check whether your Internet connection is working or not. If it’s not looking stable, you’re more likely to receive this error on the screen.

iTunes requires Internet access to pass on the information from your device to Apple’s servers. Once the information is delivered and processed, you get to download necessary updates on iPhone and other devices.

Hence, you should always verify your connection as well as network devices before attempting to download latest software updates from iTunes.

2. Network Security Softwares 

In case there is no issue with the Internet, please check and disable the network security software or antivirus software.

These types of softwares are known to block the connection between servers and Apple devices. If they detect any attempts to connect unknown IP addresses or servers from your computer, you won’t be able to move ahead with next steps.

It means you’re left with only one choice i.e. disabling such softwares for some time. Apple has also recommended its users to follow this strategy to get quick access to their download servers.

3. iTunes and Mac OS

iTunes and Mac OS should be updated to their latest versions, as these updates usually fix important bugs and make things easier for end users.

In this case, the iPhone update error 1671 is very much related to Apple’s iTunes software. Therefore, it makes sense to download and update the software as soon as possible.

Many users have already noticed positive results after upgrading to the newer version of iTunes release. So, if you haven’t done the job yet, go ahead and do it now.

Note – Some users encounter this error when they try to download iTunes and iOS updates simultaneously. So, please wait for iTunes to complete its download and installation process, and then try to request your iOS update.

4. Restore

You should be able to fix the error 1671 using above mentioned tips and solutions.

If those things don’t solve your problem, you may try restoring the device through iTunes. The restore process helps in fixing many other bugs and glitches in the software, so there won’t be any harm in following it on your device.

Note – Don’t forget to backup the device while performing the restore or reset option.

Here’s a guide to restoring an iPhone on Mac –

  1. Connect iPhone to Mac and open the iTunes software.
  2. On iPhone, press & hold the Home and Power button simultaneously until Apple logo appears on the screen.
  3. When your device is detected in recovery mode on iTunes, press the ‘Restore’ button and follow the rest of procedure as suggested.
  4. Once your iPhone is restored, try to sync with iTunes and update to the newer iOS software.

So, these are the basic steps to restore your iPhone. It’ll certainly help in getting rid of error 1671 or any similar errors.

5. Get a new USB cable

Yes, it works!

Many iPhone users have successfully tried to sync and update their devices using a new USB cable.

If the cable wears out due to regular use, you must get a new one for yourself. It’ll surely make a difference in syncing the data and will probably resolve the iPhone update 1671 error.

6. Try using different computer

Well, if you’re not interested in buying a new USB cable, you might want to use your friend’s computer to perform this task.

Sometimes, it helps in detecting and resolving the issues that may be related to your computer. So, borrow a laptop from a friend or try to access iTunes from some other computer.

It will also confirm the cause of iPhone 1671 error, and you might even manage to bypass any network congestions.

In the end, you can visit nearest Apple store and get it resolved by the support guys. Don’t try any other tricks on the device, as it may damage your device.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding above tips, drop a comment below.

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