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Guide To Select Perfect iPhone Wallpaper Size

Trying to find the perfect wallpaper size for iPhone?

Well, if you have bought a new iPhone recently, you will need to find out the best wallpaper size. The wallpaper dimensions and aspect ratios do make a big difference in how your photo looks on the screen.

For instance, if you have selected a photo or image with different aspect ratio, it will look weird as iPhone wallpaper. The device will automatically adjust the photo size as per the preset template, and you might get to see a blurred image on the lock screen.

So, even if you like the photo and want to use it as wallpaper, you will have no other option than to look for something else.

To avoid this problem and confusion, you can refer to the following list of wallpaper sizes.

iPhone Wallpaper Size Guide

Model NameRecommended Wallpaper Size
iPhone X1125 x 2436
iPhone 8 Plus1242 × 2208
iPhone 8750 × 1334
iPhone 7 Plus1242 × 2208
iPhone 7750 × 1334
iPhone SE640 x 1136
iPhone 6S Plus1242 × 2208
iPhone 6 Plus1242 × 2208
iPhone 6S750 × 1334
iPhone 6750 × 1334
iPhone 5S640 x 1136
iPhone 5C640 x 1136
iPhone 5640 x 1136
iPhone 4S640×960
iPhone 4640×960
iPhone 3GS320×480
iPhone 3G320×480
iPhone (1st Generation)320×480

These are just ideal wallpaper sizes! If you have a large-sized picture with the near-perfect aspect ratio, you should be able to use it on your iPhone without any issue.

However, for some specific wallpapers, you might need to crop the size of the photo as per the pixel size of your screen. And then, the cropped wallpaper will start looking great again on your iPhone’s screen.

How To Use Wallpaper Size Guide

Just follow the steps given below, and you will be able to find a perfect wallpaper for your iPhone.

1. Find the best suitable size for your iPhone wallpaper.

2. Open Google Image Search on Mac.

3. Search for free to use wallpaper images.

4. Click on the Tools option and select ‘Exactly…’ from the drop-down list.

5. Enter the dimensions as suggested above and click on the search button.

When you select this filtered search option, Google will only display images with specific dimensions. So, do use this tool whenever you want to search for images with precise sizes.

For iPhone or any other mobile phone wallpapers, you may also use the following type of search queries to get the results.

free + device name + interest + wallpaper

And hit the enter button!

Google will do the rest of work to find the wallpaper for your iPhone.

Pro Tip

If you find it difficult to remember screen resolution and pixels, try to remember aspect ratios. For new series of iPhones, use 9:16 ratio. 

It should do the job for you! And most importantly, you don’t have to remember complicated numbers each time.

You can also use this ratio to crop large-sized image files.

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