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How To Deactivate Messenger On iPhone

Looking to deactivate Messenger on iPhone?

In recent years, Facebook has been in the news for various privacy-related issues, and it has led to mass profile deactivations on this social media platform.

On the other hand, it seems the platform is inching closer to its saturation point. You won’t find many features that can keep you engaged in different activities anymore.

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Apps not downloading on iPhone? 

Have you ever come across a situation where the apps suddenly refuse to download on your iPhone?

It sounds weird, but many iPhone users have been facing this issue on their devices. And if that’s not enough, the causes of this problem are quite diverse too.

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iMessage is a useful tool to stay connected with your friends and family.

It allows users to communicate with each other using Apple’s online chat system. Since it’s a chatting application, many users believe it can store their documents and data files (log files) on the server.

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In today’s life, we spend more time on our mobile phones than anything else.

Keeping this trend in mind, Apple has recently incorporated a new iMessage service in the Messages app. This new instant messaging service allows users to go one step ahead and benefit from its advanced features.

Now, you don’t have to depend on the age-old text messages to send short messages to your friends. iMessage has all the features that you’ve seen while using the text messages and video messages.

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Ever since we’ve got hold of mobile phones, the text messaging feature has revolutionalized the way we communicate with each other.

With the advancement in technology, this feature has got some excellent upgrades over the last decade. Now, we don’t have to shell out our hard-earned money to send messages to our friends.

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Find My iPhone is a useful feature on Apple’s iPhone devices.

For those who don’t know, it lets you find your lost device using its secret utility feature. It has helped many people as well as investigators to find out the lost or stolen devices within a short period.

Even though this feature is helpful, you won’t get to hear much about it in mainstream media or online publications.

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Ever since Apple has introduced iPhones in the market, people have been facing a lot of issues related to its networking features.

Due to this, you get to hear many complaints like my iPhone keeps disconnecting from WiFi or the battery drains out because of mobile network connectivity issues.

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How To Get Siri On iPhone

Got a new iPhone? Looking to try out Siri?

Well, you don’t have to look anywhere else if you want to get Siri on iPhone. It’s there on your phone itself!

That’s right! Apple has integrated this useful feature in all new iPhone devices. You will not have to download it separately.

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