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Best Plant Identification Apps For iPhone

Being a nature lover, I always feel there should be a tool to identify and recognize unknown species of plants around the world.

Thankfully, Apple’s App Store has some great apps that can solve this problem of many enthusiasts, professionals and scientists. You can just install one of those apps and identify the plants on your iPhones.

Apart from plants’ identification, you can also find more information about them in the apps. These apps do a lot more than just providing identification details.

If you’re interested in knowing additional details of the plants, simply check the results section. You’ll see some important facts and information there.

So, what are the best iOS apps for plants identification?

Here’s a list of apps that can be very helpful in your quest to discover new plants –

Best Plant Identification Apps For iPhone

App NameFeaturesPriceUser Ratings
Garden Answers Plant Identification1. Quick Identification
2. Database to find more information
3. Save your favorite searches
4. Expert Advice
Free; In-app purchases available4.5/5
FlowerChecker1. Manual Identification
2. Dedicated International Expert Team
$0.99 per plant identification4/5
SmartPlant1. SmartPlant Technology
2. 20,000+ Plant Database
3. Chat with Local Expert
Free; Premium Membership Available4/5

How To Identify Plants Using Garden Answers App

As you can see, there are not many apps available on the App Store for plants and nature enthusiasts. You will only find a few apps there, which can be useful in your research.

Fortunately, the Garden Answers app does an excellent job in finding right answers for your related queries. Its features are also very much helpful in solving the doubts in quick time.

The user interface, though, needs significant improvements, as it looks quite basic for new iOS platform.

So, let’s see how you can use this app to identify the unknown plants –

Step 1: Download & Install the app

You can download this app from App Store. Just search for Garden Answers in the search option and you’ll find the app as shown below.

Once you complete the download process, tap on the install button and wait for it to finish the process.

Step 2: Upload the photo

Now that you’ve installed the app on your iPhone, it’s time to begin the identification process.

In Garden Answers app, you will have to upload the plant’s photo from Photos or Camera app. You can use any convenient method to share the photo on this app.

When the upload process is over, you will receive an instant reply from the app. Then, check the matched photos and tap on them for more information.

That’s it!

Other Options To Identify Unknown Plants

In case you need more options, you can try some of the following tools and ideas to identify such plants.

Google Image Search

Google’s Image Search is one of the finest tools to find similar photos or images in search results.

With this feature, you can upload your plant’s photo and get some appropriate suggestions on the screen. Of course, you won’t find specific details about the plant in these image results, but you can at least get to know the name of the plant.

You may use this information later to explore the related topics on different websites.

Here’s how to identify the plant with Google Image Search –

1. Go to Google Images.

2. Click on the camera icon to upload the photo.

3. Wait for Google to process the results for you.

If there’re any relevant photos, you will see them in the final results. You can click on one of those photos to know the plant’s name.

Expert’s Views

If you know someone who practices in this field, it’d be better to go up to him/her for more detailed information. The experts can give you an informative reply on such topics, which would be difficult to get from other sources.

Some of the plant identification apps do offer this service to their users, but these experts can only provide limited information due to technological constraints.

Hence, it’s always good to meet such experts in person where you can ask them various queries without having to worry about anything.

Online Communities & Forums

There are many gardening/plants related communities and forums on the Internet.

Create an account on any active community website and ask your questions there. You’ll come across many members who’re always there to help new users.

If you know any other sources to identify plants, please leave a comment below.

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