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Privacy Policy

InitFix.com cares about the privacy of all its visitors. We take extra measures to protect the personal data shared by our readers. Hence, we are presenting you the following policy statement –


At InitFix.com, we take help from cookie technology to present better experience to the readers. This technology saves a file called ‘cookie’ on visitor’s computers. If he/she decides to visit our site again for more information, the server utilizes same cookie information and displays more customized data on the front end.

Log Files

Log file system helps in keeping track of important user data, which includes Web Browser, Operating System, Device Type, Location, Enter/Exit pages, Time & Date of visit etc.

We use this information to improve our website in all aspects of website development process.


As you know, each and every website needs a host to securely store the files. These hosting services come at a price and we need to pay them each month to run the site without any hiccups. Apart from that, we make use of other supporting services such as plugins and analytics for the betterment of site.

These all services require money on periodic basis. Hence, we try to recover such expenses through advertisement companies like Google AdSense.

Some of these advertisers may use their own tracking systems and cookies. The information collected by advertisers will be used to display relative advertisements as per users’ behaviour on the website. We will not have any access to this data, as it’s stored on their own servers.


For any more details, you can contact us here.