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50+ Most Useful Siri Tricks For Your iPhone

Siri is one of the most used AI-based assistants in the mobile phones world today.

Unfortunately, many people know it as a gimmick feature on iPhone devices, but Siri can be far more exciting and useful at the same time if you know the real tricks.

It is quite capable of doing multiple tasks, which often require several steps to complete them. So, in this post, I’ll try to share many cool Siri tricks and secret commands.

Siri Thank You

Useful Siri Tricks for iPhone

These are some of the Siri tricks that you can use to get the most out of your iPhone –

1. Start a call

Command: Call Mom

Use: Allows you to call anyone from your contact list. You don’t have to look for specific contacts with this feature.

Once you say this command, Siri will automatically search for the requested contact from the list.

2. Assign contact names as relationships

Command: Jenny is my wife.

Use: You can use this Siri trick to add relationships to your family and friends’ contacts.

3. Start an Internet call

Command: Call Dave on Whatsapp

Use: If you wish to make a VoIP call, use this command. You can also use other apps to start such calls using Siri.

Note – Siri may need some permissions from these third-party apps to initiate the call.

4. Send text messages

Command: Text George let’s meet tomorrow.

Use: Allows you to text messages to your friends from iPhone’s contact list.

5. Send emails

Command: Email Bill check the attached files.

Use: Say this command and send emails instantly. Now, you don’t have to type everything to compile the emails.

Note – You can also add the subject line in your emails if needed.

6. Read Emails

Command: Read new email from Brian.

Use: If you don’t like reading long emails, ask Siri to do it for you. It will quickly open your mail and start reading the text content.

7. Check voicemails

Command: Check for any new voicemail messages or Check voicemails.

Use: It will fetch new voicemail messages for you.

8. Take photos and selfies


  • Hey Siri, take a picture.
  • Hey Siri, take a selfie.

Use: Opens the Camera app to take a photo or selfie.

9. Adjust the screen brightness


  • Decrease the screen brightness
  • Increase the screen brightness

Use: Both these commands can be used to change the screen brightness levels.

10. Open apps

Command: Open Settings.

Use: Opens any app on iPhone.

Note – You may also access the app features using additional commands.

11. Play music and personalize the experience

Command: Play [Song_Name] or [Album_Name]

Use: Allows you to play your favorite soundtracks and playlists on the go.

For more personalized experience, you can use these commands:

  • Play more like this song.
  • Play a song I’d like.
  • Shuffle the playlist.
  • Repeat the song.

12. Update your status on social media accounts

Command: Post Hello World to Twitter.

Use: Lets you post new messages to different social media apps.

13. Read news

Command: Read the latest news.

Use: Starts reading latest headlines from the News app.

14. Weather conditions

Command: What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?

Use: You can check the weather forecast using this Siri command.

15. FaceTime

Command: FaceTime John.

Use: Starts FaceTime call with your friend.

16. Stock prices

Command: APPL’s stock price

Use: Checks the latest price of stocks.

17. Currency conversions

Command: USD to EUR

Use: Lets you know the latest currency rates of various currencies in the world.

18. Mathematical equations

Command: What is the square root of 10?

Use: Helps you solve advanced mathematical problems.

19. Calorie counter

Command: How many calories in a Banana?

Use: Tells you the exact no. of calories present in food items. Good to keep an eye on these things if you’re a calorie conscious person.

20. Request an Uber cab

Command: Take me home in an Uber X.

Use: Makes it easy to book a cab without having to open the Uber app.

21. Interpret the text

Command: How do you say Thank You in Spanish?

Use: If you are traveling to non-English speaking places, Siri can help you out with its interpretation skills.

Note – It only supports a very few languages at the moment.

22. Transfer money

Command: Apple Pay Sam $20.

Use: Efficient way to transfer money through Apple Pay.

Note – This feature is also allowed in limited countries only.

23. Search for a new app in App Store

Command: Find FIFA app in the App Store.

Use: Helps you find apps and games for your iPhone.

24. Flip a coin or roll the dice

Command: Siri, flip a coin (or Roll the dice).

Use: Gives you a decisive and fair reply when you flip a coin on iPhone. And this thing also applies when you want to roll the dice.

25. Add items to reminders list


  • Add Meet Michael Tomorrow to reminders.
  • Add Pay Bills to Monthly reminder list.
Use: Helps you add new items to an existing reminder list.

26. Location-based reminders

Command: Remind me to call Dad when I reach Home.

Use: Sets location-based reminders, which are useful in your busy schedules.

27. Change reminder settings


  • Change the reminder date.
  • Change the reminder time.

Use: Updates the date and time of the existing reminders.

28. Schedule your workout

Command: Start my workout session at 7 AM tomorrow morning.

Use: Uses the third-party app’s integration to schedule your workout. You will need an app that supports Siri’s voice commands.

29. Get the latest updates of your favorite sporting events

Command: NFL scores or Soccer scores

Use: Keeps you updated with recent match results.

30. Find more about recent earthquakes

Command: Was that an earthquake?

Use: Want to know more about the recent tremors? Use this Siri trick to get the correct updates.

31. Find new locations using the Maps app

Command: Hey Siri, find the Apple Store nearby.

Use: Searches new geo-location using the official Maps app.

32. Check the flight status and ETA while traveling


  • Check the status of [Flight_Name and Flight_No.]
  • What’s my ETA

Use: Displays the status of your flight and actual ETA from your current location to the destination.

33. Know more about documentaries, movies or personalities

Command: Tell me more about The Shawshank Redemption.

Use: Shares a short description of your searched query. You can use this Siri trick for numerous other topics.

34. Turn on/off Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, and Bluetooth

Command: Turn on/off Wi-Fi

Use: Helps you enable or disable the network connectivity features.

35. Activate DND mode

Command: Turn on/off DND

Use: Lets you enable or disable the Do Not Disturb mode on iPhone.

36. Google search

Command: Hey Siri, Google who is Elon Musk. OR Search Elon Musk on Google.

Use: Makes Siri find search results on Google instead of default search engine Bing.

37. Search Notes

Command: Search my meeting’s notes.

Use: Finds the matching notes from the Notes app.

38. Set alarms and timers

Command: Set an alarm for 6 AM tomorrow. OR Wake me up tomorrow at 6 AM.

Use: Sets alarms and timers as per your requirement.

39. Check working hours of outlets

Command: Is this [Shop_Name] open today?

Use: Helps you find out the business hours of restaurants or medical shops.

40. Find movies playing in theaters

Command: Nearby theaters showing [Movie_Name]

Use: Displays the list of theaters showing your favorite movie.

41. Check the ratings of restaurants

Command: How are the reviews for Pizza Hut?

Use: Displays a list of outlets along with the star ratings.

42. Find and book a table in restaurants

Command: Book a table for two in NYC.

Use: Helps you reserve a table for lunch or dinner in your favorite restaurants.

43. Who’s the owner of your iPhone?

Command: Who owns this iPhone?

Use: Finds the name of the person who owns your iPhone. This trick is very useful when you think of buying a used iPhone.

44. Find your friends’ location

Command: Where is Nathan?

Use: Looks for friends around your location.

Note – You will have to activate the Find My Friends feature on your iPhone.

45. Pay your utility bills

Command: Pay the electricity bill.

Use: Swiftly pays your bills without having to visit any websites for money transactions.

46. Buy shows and music from iTunes Store

Command: Buy the latest album of Ed Sheeran from iTunes.

Use: Helps in buying songs, albums, and shows from iTunes.

Note – You will need to give permissions to make these purchases.

47. Watch the film trailers

Command: Show me the trailer of The Fate of the Furious.

Use: Plays trailers of your favorite movies.

48. Get movie recommendations

Command: Can you recommend a movie?

Use: Shares a list of movies based on their ratings.

49. Open and edit To-Do lists

Command: Open/Edit [List_Name]

Use: Allows you to add more details to your to-do list.

50. Define something

Command: Define Black Holes.

Use: Finds out a short definition of certain keywords.

51. Automate home systems

Command: Hey Siri, turn off the lights after 11 PM.

Use: Helps you automate several tasks if the third-party systems are connected to your iPhone.

Note – You will need to download and install the home system apps from App Store or developer’s website.

Over To You –

So, these are some of the most useful Siri tricks for iPhone users. I hope you make use of these tricks in your daily routine.

If you know any other such trick, share in the comments section below.

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