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Why Won’t My Touch ID Work? [Answered]

When it comes to the fingerprint identity sensor technology, Apple’s design team has done a really wonderful job by introducing it on new iPhone and iPad devices.

The Touch ID feature, however, still needs more improvements in functionalities and usability. At this moment, it’s very much limited to a couple of tasks that are associated with Apple ecosystem.

Also, it seems it’ll require better software-hardware integration in near future, as many iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 users are already facing problems related to it.

Why won’t my Touch ID work?

And this is what you get to hear when you meet some of those iPhone users.

There could be a number of reasons behind this issue because it requires support from software as well as hardware. It can’t work only on one thing for sure!

So, let’s take a look at the possible causes and fixes below.


Touch ID Not Working after Screen Replacement on iPhone

Macs and iPhones are known to behave mischievously when you install a new screen on them.

Their internal parts are so delicately designed that you gotta perform such operations with precision. Any mistake from your repair guy can easily land you in big trouble, and then you won’t have many options than paying a few hundred dollars more to get it replaced by Apple.

As you know, Touch ID technology and Home Button are deeply connected to the screen. If you replace the iPhone screen for some reason, it may also affect other internal parts that are designed to perform different fingerprint related tasks.

Please make sure that this is not the case with your iPhone.

Did you open your device?

Like Screen Replacement or Battery Replacement, the Touch ID issue may arise if you open your device for cleaning or repair purpose. You gotta be very careful while handling Apple devices!

If you’re not sure about what you’re doing, don’t do it. Apple hires a talented bunch of support guys who’re good at fixing these problems. They will guide you better than most of the DIY guides on the internet.

Home Button Not Working or Damaged

Since the Home Button lets you perform touch gestures on iPhone and iPad, it’s quite possible that the culprit is nothing else than the button itself.

To confirm it, you’ll have to follow these steps:

1. Press the button from Lock Screen and see if it’s responding well or not.

2. Open the apps and do some activity on them. After a minute or two, go to your home screen again by pressing the Home Button. Repeat this step for 2-3 times more.

These two activities will give you enough idea about the root cause of your Touch ID issue.

And once you figure it out, you can head over to the Apple Store and get it replaced by their support guys.

iOS Software Glitches

Oh yes, it’s not just about the hardware!

Apple’s iOS software might give you the best experience in this world, but it’s still not perfect by any means. At times, it can also give you nightmares on a fairly new device.

Well, it happens with almost every smartphone device with the new generation operating system and iOS is not an exception at all. Still, the best thing about Apple is that you do get regular updates to fix such bugs.

If you can verify and confirm the software issue, download and install the available update asap.

But hey, users have also encountered the Touch ID problem after iOS update. So, how do you go about it?

The safest thing to do is to wait for Apple to acknowledge the bug and release another update to fix it. Apart from that, you can try some of the following tips to resolve the issue on your own.

Tips to resolve Touch ID Issue –

  • Remove the fingerprint from ‘Settings’ and add it again.
  • Add multiple fingerprints of different fingers so that you can access the device easily.
  • Clean your fingers before starting the scanning process.
  • Clean the Home Button with a muslin cloth to get rid of any dust particles or moisture content.
  • Practice with new Touch ID for some time, which helps it understand the grip and fingerprint details more accurately. It will only get better as you start using it multiple times.
  • Reset the device. (Soft Reset)
  • Restore the device from iTunes.

Please note that these are just trial and error methods. You may or may not fix the issue completely, but it’s worth trying them out than sitting idle and waiting for Apple’s next update.

If you have any more questions regarding Touch ID & Passcode issues, please drop a comment below. I’ll definitely try to answer them asap.

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